Company Profile

To be a premier global software developer of choice and supplier of port, ASRS warehouse, factory, solar, power plant, hospital, oil & gas and offshore automation systems, using innovative technologies for tailored solutions to our clients, by means of Digital Intelligent Networking with low-cost control, monitoring and management software solutions.

Our strategy is to be cost efficient, relevance in our implementation, by using superior quality hardware and blending it with our values of trust, reliability and guarantee for our products and services.

NDI Automation is incorporated in 2006 with the focus of integrating leading technologies and innovative approaches for flexible automation applications in a variety of industries. We are able to provide a comprehensive set of products and services for flexible system solutions that include:

Crane Monitoring System (CMS)

DGPS Container Tracking and Gantry Auto-steering System (CTMS)

RFID Identification Tracking System

Web-based Equipment Maintenance System (WEMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Container Number Recognition System

Truck Positioning System (TPS)

Power Management System (PMS)

Wireless Network Management System

Port Solar Energy Saving System

Customization of industrial automation