Welcome To NDI Automation

Our Expertise

Since 2006, we have been providing a comprehensive set of products and services for flexible system solutions to our partners that include:

Crane Monitoring System (CMS)

DGPS Container Tracking and Gantry Auto-steering System (CTMS)

RFID Identification Tracking System

Web-based Equipment Maintenance System (WEMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Container Number Recognition System

Truck Positioning System (TPS)

Power Management System (PMS)

Wireless Network Management System

Port Solar Energy Saving System

Customization of industrial automation

What's New at NDI?

Listed below are the latest events happening at NDI Automation, as well as the latest projects that we have been awarded:

2021.01 : Awarded project management of SAT

for 16 A-RMG cranes (Under ZPMC) at PSA, Singapore.(under

NDI Engineering Pte Ltd)

2021.01 : Awarded PLC programming for converting

1 unit of E-RTG crane at Northport, Malaysia.(under

NDI Automation Sdn Bhd)