Details of Major Projects in 2011

NO. Project Description Client
1. Programming for RAM ASI Spreader. Yaskawa CPU317 and CP261IFM are the main PLC system, and ASI bus is connected to Siemens PLC 315 via CP343-2. Siemens DP/DP Coupler is used for linking Siemens Profibus and Yaskawa Profibus. Yaskawa software 261 Binary File Loader is used to configure the driver for CP261IFM. Bit mapping has been done to exchange information between Yaskawa PLC and Siemens PLC. PTP, Malaysia
2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 C# is used to write the software package for Warehouse Management System. Database access and Socket connection has been implemented. PLC communication is Siemens 3964R protocol. The warehouse database is RS-SQL. CISCO Recall Centre, Singapore
3. CISCO 1522 and AP1310 are installed at yard CT2 for covering RTGs communication. Workgroup Bridge mode is used in AP1310, and Wireless Lan Controller 4400 (25 users) is used for configuring 1522. 5.8G is used for linking all RAP and MAP (1522), and 2.4G is used for RTG communication. All of the RTGs cam roam throughout the yard. North Port, Malaysia
4. Crane Monitoring System is provided to two cranes at Tanjong Pagar Terminal. Communications protocol is built inhouse. PSA, Singapore
5. Two sets of Siemens solar inverter (SINVERT) ventilation system was replaced, and inverter settings were reset through PPSolar software. Technology Park Malaysia, Malaysia
6. 11 sets of CMS development for Siemens S7-400 PLC, Yaskawa CP-317 PLC and Shneider P57-304M PLC. The communication protocols are Siemens TCP/IP, Yaskawa Memobus UDP and Telemecanique ASCII MODBUS. West Port, Malaysia
7. Five sets of CMS development for Siemens S7-400 PLC (quay cranes). The communication protocols are Siemens TCP/IP. PTP, Malaysia
8. Modification of iFix CMS for Q25, Q26 and Q27. PTP, Malaysia
9. Retrofitting of two ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System) cranes. PLC and Drives are upgraded. NDI WMS (Warehouse Management System) replaces the old WMS. PSA, Singapore
10. Modification of Siemens PLC program for DC motor field supply control. The purpose is to cut off power supply if the motor is not used in order to protect the motor. West Port, Malaysia
11. Upgrading of CMS PC for QC8 and QC9. iFix CMS is upgraded to the new PC system. Penang Port, Malaysia