Details of Major Projects in 2016

NO. Project Description Client
1. Anti-collision between T1 and T2 unloaders: CC-Link and Ethernet are used for the communciation link to transmit unloaders' positions and conditions. Safety radius is calculated for unloader to slowdown and stop while travelling. Jurong Port, Singapore
2. 8 units of Reach Stackers' Container Location Tracking: RTK-based positioning system is used to calculate container locations RS handles. The RTK device is installed on the top of the spreader. No additional sensors are required in the system. Haipong Port, Vietnam
3. Data Transmission for APS OCR: Data is collected from Bromma Lasstec load system on spreaders through Lasstec data communication protocol. Crane conditions including spreader size, locked/unlocked & single or twin mode, hoist height & speed, load and crane ID will be sent to APS OCR server through TCP/TP and APS data communication protocol. MICT, Philippines
4. Protocol conversion of Fuji VG Series drives: Fuji drive standard version and Mitsu version are mixed in one RTG. T-Link data communications are different. A conversion must be carried out to integrate the drives with different protocols. Banjarmasin Port, Indonesia
5. Siemens DCM drives: Siemens S7-300 PLC system and DCM drives are used to replace the old GE 90-30 PLC and DC300 drives. Two DCM drives are used in the new system. H/G1 and T/G2 are configured to share the two drives. The automatic data switch over between H and G1, T and G2 is implemented through changing parameters from PLC program. Field-weakening and encoder types are set from PLC codes. The minimum switch-over time is 1.8s. Kuching Port, Malaysia
6. Container Depot Yard Management System (YMS): YMS is developed for our customer to track the containers at yard while reach stackers, emplty handlers and other handling equipments handle containers. 3G communication is used to transmit data between YMS server at office and Vehicle Mounted Terminals(VMT). Cogent, Singapore
7. WinCC Redundancy System Recovery: new computer systems are setup to recover the old Siemens WinCC redundancy system and M bus communication to the Siemens PLC. FSO Angsi, Malaysia
8. RSView System Recovery: new computer systems are setup to recover the old PC system with RSView SCADA system to Allen Bradley PLC. FSO Orkit, Malaysia
9. Stack Profiling System(SPS) for 20 Hanjung RTGs: without busbar collector and trolley position, we make use of panasonic EQ-501 and our detection algorithm to calculate the busbar existence. IFM sensors are used to detect the row number of trolley. The PLC model is old GE 90-30. PTP, Malaysia
10. ANYBUS Gateway for Bromma Spreader: convert the normal bromma spreader to ANYBUS type bromma spreader with Siemens S7-400 system. Jurong Port, Singapore