Crane Monitoring System

Our Crane Monitoring System (CMS) enables the customer to monitor, control, record, analyze and report signals & data for the container and bulk cranes. CMS communicates with the Crane Control Systems via TCP/IP or Series Communication to provide continuous monitoring, controlling, diagnostics, collection, storage and analysis.It has fully embedded diagnostic and analytical capabilities with the knowledge base and mathematical models. Categorized interfaces are designed to provide the feed back for all possible signals.​

The features are:

Dynamic Graphic Device Displays and Controls such as boom, hoist, trolley, TLS, spreader position and status display and control. 

Control Flow: For more insights on how hoist, gantry and trolley are controlled.

Higher Security Protection: enhances system security with different permission levels. 

Tracing Data Compression: reduce the tracing data amount and save disk space.

Operation Event and System Fault Playbacks: keep track of all operation events all the time, including all of control buttons, switches, joystick and discrete

movement position and speed. Playback of all events are implemented in both curve and panel mode. 

Data Analysis and Statistics: analysis of the system fault data and operation data to generate desired report in table and graph formats.  

Reference with PLC Program and Circuit Diagram: combines PLC program and circuit diagram with information reference 

EXCEL, TXT and PDF Report Creation: enables users to generate an Excel, TXT or PDF-based report instantly. 

Drive status and fault display: Communicates with drives for error messages and drive parameters 

In-house developed communications protocol: OPC not used for all PLC devices supported.

Multiple vendors supported: supports PLC devices such as Siemens, Goldstar, ABB, General Electric, Yaskawa, Telemechanique as well as Omron.

Main modules include:Crane summary information,Fault diagnostics,Device monitoring,Report creation,Maintenance log,Tracing.