Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides an integrated management system for warehouse operation.

Through WMS, a pallet or carton is registered, and assigned a location automatically or manually. After the bar code or RFID is pasted on the pallet or carton, it will be shipped and stored in the assigned location automatically using cranes or shuttle cars. For the purpose of pickup, a corresponding order is sent from the pallet management office. The operator scans or keys in the order to send the cranes or shuttle cars to the specified location for fetching the pallet or carton.

In this system, server-client architecture is provided so that multiple desktops or laptops can be used. On the server side, a complete database system keeps track of all of the operation data and updates pallet layout information dynamically. On the client side, a friendly user interface is provided. Movement of cranes or shuttles can be reflected in real time with visualization interface.

A report module is equipped for users to create a variety of reports including operation log report, pallet/carton assignment report, location layout report, etc. Pie-based or Bar-based graph provides an intuitive understanding for users. These reports can be printed directly, and saved as PDF, Excel or TXT format as well.

WMS provides four levels of permission for operation. The lowest level allows staffs to do basic maintenance. The second level is provided for operator to store or pick up pallet or carton manually in normal area. The third level allows operators to drive cranes or shuttle cars to any places. The highest level is reserved for administrative staffs to create order. Report creation is only available in the highest level of permission.